New Political Enemy #1: Thomas R. Caltagirone

Who the hell is Thomas Caltagirone? He is the jackass who is on the verge of handing the Pennsylvania House to... the GOP, and John Fucking Perzel. (You know, the worst person ever). Yeah, you heard me right. Caltagirone, a Democrat from Reading, is about to vote for the GOP's Perzel as Speaker of the Pennsylvania House:

Reading Democratic Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone intends to back Republican John Perzel's bid for Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives when the 2007-08 legislative session starts Tuesday a move that could give the GOP control of the chamber's leadership.


Caltagirone will remain a Democrat even though he's backing Perzel for the speaker's post, the letter states.

Democrats were poised to take control of the House for the first time in 12 years.

We need a commitment right now, from all of the various political big shots we know read this blog- both from the City Government, and the State. We need a commitment from Mark Cohen. We need a commitment from Ed Rendell. We need a commitment from the entire Philadelphia delegation in the State House, who rarely, if ever, face re-election battles. This guy needs to lose.

We need a commitment that in 1.5 years, in May of 2008, Thomas Caltagirone is going to get his ass primaried out of a job by an extremely well funded Democratic challenger. It is time to put up or shut up, and Thomas Caltagirone, and any other possible traitor to the Democratic party needs to see that there are real goddamned consequences to their actions.

[Update:According to Alex, in the comments, he isn't even running again.

The doofus' email address is I think I am going to send him a note, reminding him that he has another couple days to rethink this. He is not going to run next term anyway- so, basically, the question is whether he wants his entire legacy- thirty years in office- to be known for being a traitor to his own party.]

It's his last term

Caltagirone isn't going to run again.

Ah, nice. His going away

Ah, nice. His going away present is to screw Democrats.

No Way

I sincerely doubt, knowing the man, it's his last term.

I broke this last evening on my local blog and have been covering it all day at I have some interesting local info on Tom and more to come if he doesn't change his ways. I sincerely doubt he has any intention of retiring. He ran unopposed this year and is currently running the County Committee with his personally selected Chair.

I've contacted Act Blue about setting up a PA Bloggers page for his challenger in April, 2008 (presidential year so it will be earlier).


Is there a recall provision for state reps?

Apparently not.

Caltagirone and DeWeese

Just out of curiousity, does anyone know if Caltagirone is one of the Dems who
DeWeese removed from a committee chairmanship because he voted against the pay raise.

Not that this justifies political treachery?

I also wonder whether Rendell and DeWeese prepared for this turn of events by having a Republican prepared to flip. With the power of the Governor's office behind you, flipping an R should not be impossible.

Don't think so. According

Don't think so. According to a commenter at DailyKos, he voted for the pay raise.

grasping at straws

I realize this is probably grasping at straws, but I just put out a call on PA NOW list for our members in Reading to contact Rep. Caltagirone. There is a similar call on ADA list.

Those of you who are members of state wide organizations might want to do the same.

Phila NOW

Rally 3:00 PM on Monday in Reading to tell Rep. Caltagirone to k

Just received this:

Don't do it, Tom!

Rally 3:00 PM on Monday in Reading to tell Rep. Caltagirone to keep the Democratic majority in the House!

Rep. Thomas Caltagirone has told members of the House and the Reading Eagle that he will betray the wishes of the people on Tuesday by voting for the Republican Speaker of the House John Perzel. If Caltagirone follows through on his threat, there will be no chance of a progressive agenda in Harrisburg for the next two years because the Speaker controls which bills get voted on. Caltagirone made a backroom deal with the Republicans at our expense. We need to stand up together and tell Caltagirone to keep the voters' trust and honor their wishes by voting for a Democratic Speaker on Tuesday.

Join us for a New Year's Day rally on Monday at 3:00 outside of Caltagirone's District Office, 645 Penn St. in Reading.

Also, please call and write to Hon. Thomas R.Caltagirone at:


645 Penn Street, 2nd Floor
Reading, PA 19601
(610) 376-1529
Fax: (610) 378-4406

Room 106 Irvis Office Building
PO Box 202127
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2127
(717) 787-3525
Fax: (717) 772-5401

Michael Morrill




I'm in. Who's coming with me?

My car holds four or five (if someone real skinny sits in the middle of the back). Who wants to come? I said I'd yell at anyone who pulled this crap and I'm going to.

I've met this guy. He likes to paint himself as an old-school populist from back in the day, and maybe he was. This is too much, though. What an ass. He's the one who's always trying to convince the General Assembly to shrink it's size (which would be horrible for progressives because it would cut access badly).

Figure I'll leave at 1:30. Email me if you want to come with me (

BradyDale OnLine

My email to T.C.


You know, when I met you back when I was the lobbyist for ACORN, you tried to make yourself sound like a stand-up guy. Now the word is coming out that you're going to support Perzel for Speaker. That's crazy. Whatever you might think of Bill DeWeese, after the decades that you have been with this party you need to support a chance for it to take the lead in your last term.

Do you really want to go down in Pennsylvania political history as a sell-out?

Make no mistake: this is ALL you will ever be remembered for. An ignominious end.

When we met, you bragged about your past as an Organizer during the LBJ era. Okay, well remember your roots and stick with your party on the leadership vote.

Brady Russell

P.S. I'll be coming to the protest against you on New Year's Day. I hope there are a lot of people there.

BradyDale OnLine

Caltagirone's son gave DeWeese

a contribution of $250 earlier this year. He also gave $250 to Mike Veon. John Caltagirone used to work for Bob Casey at the Treasurer's office and was fired. After that Caltagirone sponsored a bill to get rid of the Treasurer's office. This is how he works.

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