The Donald Trump Apprentice Challenge: Philly style!

I am 100% on Rosie O’Donnell’s side in the Trump-Roise showdown, but it occurred to me last week that even though that evil MCA defeated Trump and poor Larry Ceisler’s plans to bring a casino to East Falls, there’s no reason why the Donald couldn’t still turn a profit at the old Budd site.

The Budd Company, which was formed in 1912 by Edward Budd, was one of the largest manufacturers in the city. Edward Budd made his initial fortune by producing the first ever all-steel automobile body. The former plant is a conglomeration of 20 buildings which sits on about 75 acres off of Hunting Park Avenue in the Nicetown/Hunting Park/East Falls section of the city.

Community members have already commented on their desire to bring a supermarket or maybe a Target to the site (You can read more here), but, before we go there, I wondered if there are any better or more creative uses for the land--especially the kind we could get Trump to bankroll.

As you may know from watching the Apprentice, Trump likes spunk and I figure he’s pretty sour about his license being denied and maybe now is a good time to hold a “YPP Donald Trump Apprentice Challenge: Philly Style!” and come up with some ideas for the site of our own.

All you have to do enter the “YPP Donald Trump Apprentice Challenge: Philly Style!” is write a full-length post with a serious proposal for what to do with the old Budd site. The best entry will be submitted via email to Donald Trump and, if we’re lucky, he’ll actually enact the idea. I know there’s nothing quite so stimulating for a local economy as a brand-new casino, but maybe we can come up with something else at least second best.

So, start researching, then start writing and enter to win “YPP Donald Trump Apprentice Challenge: Philly Style!”

Anyone can apply, especially Mayoral candidates looking to strut their stuff for an eager voting public. Look out for my entry to the contest below…

your entry

Your entry is pretty intimidating, Ray, but I'll try to make something happen this week.
I like donuts. How about something with donuts?
OK, just kidding, but I do hope some of the YPP'ers out there will represent on this question. What about some of you new up-and-comers out there who we know are reading this but haven't written anything? You should hop in here with an idea!

BradyDale OnLine

I have posted on the Budd Site Before

In brief, this is an incredible site for economic development. The R8 runs right through the site. And it is close to the Expressway and the Boulevard.

We need a new R8 train station. I'm dreaming of a Glass Enclosed soaring arch something along the lines of the early plans for converting the Farley post office in New York to Moynihan station. (I can't remember the architect, maybe Cesar Pelli?)

The Budd Building should become a funky urban mall with great light shinging through the big windows. There would be a supermarket on the first floor. The roof top penthouse would be a great dance club with an incredible view of Center City and out door seating and dancing in the summer.

There would be a multiplex cinema and maybe one of the better, unionized big box stores on the site--we could use a Home Depot in the northwest.

And SEPTA would allow everyone going home on the R8 to East Falls, Germantown, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill to get on and off at the new station for a minimal fee.

A Submission

I'd like to purchase the property, clear/grade it, and construct a very large and hopefully illegal billboard (to create more opportunities for the people of SCRUB to pretend to be heroes, of course). It would say,

"Ray Murphy and everyone else, please stop trying to plan the juice out of everything. You are ruining it for people who actually like to, you know, do stuff like take risks instead of just talk about and/or oppose projects. Thank you."

A humble tip: if you have an idea for the use of the property, take a risk and make it happen without Donald Trump, without government workers in wrinkled suits from Macy's, and without the surrounding community.

As for your call for mayoral candidates to submit ideas - fuck them. Their job as wrinkled suits is to create the conditions in which people who want to invest in the city can do so in a straightforward manner, not dictate or suggest what should happen where. Let the people who actually have brains, balls, and capital do that.

Shift your call for ideas to what the wrinkled suits can do. Eliminate, demilitarize, and/or reorganize the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, for example. The organization serves certain moderately useful purposes, but their control over what happens where as it relates to specific properties in the city (seemingly based strictly on the arrogance of the public sector) is an unnecessary hindrance.

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