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Tonight I participated in a conference call with Lois Murphy, terrific soon-to-be Congresswoman from the Philly burbs. The call, which took about an hour, was really cool and informative. This is the second time I have spoken with Lois, once at Drinking Liberally and once on the conference call tonight. Each time, I have been extremely impressed with Lois. In 2004, Lois lost by less than anyone else in the entire country. Of the myriad pickup opportunities in the country, Lois’s potential seat is probably the best.

Why? Read on, gentle reader, read on.

First, if I can draw an analogy that a few people may not like, Lois reminds me of what Allyson Schwartz is supposed to be: intelligent (as in Harvard Law Cum Laude, clerk for the 2nd circuit, etc.), down to earth, sensible, compassionate woman with impeccable choice and healthcare credentials (was a lawyer for NARAL, involved with Philly’s Health Law Project, etc.). She has a deep grasp of the issues from national security to Tom Delay to Healthcare costs. She will make one hell of a Congresswoman. (And, at Drinking Liberally, I asked her specifically about the bankruptcy bill, and she confirmed that like anyone with any decency, she would have voted against it. My words, not hers.)

Lois told us why she was running, and she said that she was an open, accountable Congresswoman to represent her diverse district. When I asked her what she saw as her signature issues, she again mentioned choice as well as her healthcare background. She suggested that, as an example, she would like to see the concentrated buying power of the federal and state governments to force down the price of healthcare in the country. She clearly has a grasp of these issues. She also said that, if possible, she wanted to target national security, as well, and hoped to serve on of the Congressional committees that have some oversight on security issues.

Chris asked Lois the question I really wanted to know: where did she stand on Iraq, and on beginning a timetable for withdrawal. Far from a soundbite response, Lois actually spoke for about ten minutes on her thoughts on the misguided war, the terrible planning, and the continued failures. Then, the money line, Lois said that while she does not have the expertise to make a specific timetable, she thinks that the idea of creating the framework we need to get out of Iraq is an idea that makes sense.

I asked Lois how much of her time she spends fundraising, and she admitted that it is pretty much all consuming. In fact, this led to the only fundamental disagreement I had with her: she basically was not too concerned with the current campaign finance system, or at least saw it as too intractable to deal with. She said that, because it is getting people involved in her campaign, literally and figuratively investing in it, she actually somewhat enjoyed it. But, I think that is the wrong outlook: If she did not have to raise so much money, she could be getting invested in her campaign, including those who do not have enough money to be targeted.

Lois’s opponent, Jim Gerlach, is a total Tom Delay crony. He has been shoveled the maximum amount of cash from Delay the last few election cycles. He has contributed to Delay’s legal defense fund. He is a lackey who simply does what Delay says. He need to be defeated.

Lois is a down-to-earth woman, who will be a credit to Pennsylvania. While she is a good speaker, she is somewhat unpolished in that she cannot yet get all the depth of her knowledge into 3 sentences. As Chris said, better to start with depth and work down to sound bites, than the other way around. Lois not only has a grasp of the issues; she clearly enjoys talking about them. At just 42 years old, I look forward to seeing her win here, and watch her ascend the corridors of DC.

There are a plethora of good candidates in PA that are going to be part of a nationwide route of the GOP in 2006. I have found none that I like better, and most importantly, none that I trust more, than Lois Murphy.

I'm looking at Ms. Murphy's w

I'm looking at Ms. Murphy's website, I can't seem to find a section that lays out her stances on various issues. Am I just blind or does she not do this? If in fact she does not list this information on her website, do you by chance know her stance on the second amendment? Does she see it as an individual or a collective right? Is it limited to black powerder muskets? etc.

If you happen to know that information or know where I could find it I'd be quite grateful. I will probably also attempt to contact her.

Molon Labe


During the call I noted the lack of an issues section on her site, and she indicated that such sections would be added during the overhaul expected around the turn of the year (remember that her election is a year off). In the meantime, she said that many of her positions could be found in the news columns linked there, where presumably media folks asked about her views. I don't know about guns specifically, but you should definitely ask her folks.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

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