Seth Williams Named Philly Inspector General

Over the next days, we will be breaking some news at YPP, and this is the nicest of them all:

Tomorrow morning, at City Hall, Mayor Street will name Seth Williams as Inspector General of the City of Philadelphia.

What does the Inspector General do?

The OIG is operationally independent and is the designated, centralized office with authority to investigate criminal and/or integrity-related complaints of fraud, corruption, and abuse in all departments, quasi-governmental agencies under the Mayor's jurisdiction, and any contractors/consultants receiving City funds. The OIG also provides investigative expertise to any agency/authority requesting assistance.

The OIG's mission is to enhance the public confidence in City government by investigating complaints of fraud, corruption, and abuse; and by recommending programs/policies which educate and raise the awareness of all City officials/employees.

In other words, Seth will responsible for making sure Philly is cleanly run. I cannot think of a better choice. This is a testament to how well he ran his campaign, and the future he has in this City.

Congratulations, Seth. You deserve it.


that is awesome news! i wrote him in on Tuesday along with at least a dozen of my friends. who appointed him? one step from DA next election?!
Albert Yee

Now Seth Can Do What the DA Doesn't

This is a great news. Seth will be great at this job And it will give him a chance to show what kind of DA he will be four years from now.

It will also give us an agressive force in the city that can investigate corruption and abuse. Our present DA has run from this task, leaving the prosecution of corruption to the US Attorney. Her reasons for doing so is that there would be a conflict of interest if she were to investigate the political structure that brought her to power. There is, however, no ethical or legal canon that would call into question our DA investigating other political officials or ward leaders. I know of no other remark that reveals so much about how politics in Philly works.

By the way, Lynn Abraham declined to endorse the Ethics Reform Charter Change at the 21st ward meeting two weeks ago.


Great news and I'm flattered Seth chose us to break the story.

Mozel Tov Seth!

Sometimes good things happen to good people. And this is a great example.

I assume the Mayor... The an

I assume the Mayor... The announcement is tomorrow at 11:15AM.

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