Federal Judge to Allyson Schwartz, Curt Weldon and Mike Fitzpatrick: Thanks for Screwing Working Americans!

I am in law school, where most of our reading is of legal opinions by judges. There is this idea in the law that appellate judges strictly interpret questions of law; that the law is sort of above everything, and high-ranking judges do not wade into determining what is "right" in a normative sense, only what is "right" in a legal sense. This can sometimes lead to absurd results.

For example, in Walker v. City of Birmingham, the Supreme Court famously upheld a jail sentence for Martin Luther King and a few others. The crime? Refusing to adhere to an injunction issued on behalf of famed bigot Bull Connor, saying that King and his cohorts could not march in Birmingham. In the opinion, the Justice does not mention Martin Luther King, does not mention the context of segregation, and says there was "violence" at a previous march, while failing to mention that the violence was caused by pissed-off whites, not King supporters. That is a long way of saying that in the Federal Judiciary, adherence to the law, whatever it is, is king, and you see judges constantly avoiding seemingly relevant context.

How does this have anything to do with the inflammatory title of the post? Read more below.

Given what I said above, this amazing legal opinion from a federal bankruptcy judge becomes all the more unique: (Story from the Austin-American Statesman)

FREDERICKSBURG — Alfonso Sosa, a house painter here who made about $20,000 last year, filed for bankruptcy the morning of Dec. 6, hoping to avoid the foreclosure on his family's mobile home scheduled for later that day. Judge Frank Monroe of Austin rejected the case 16 days later — with a bang.

In his ruling, Monroe said the new federal bankruptcy law is full of traps for consumers, calling some of its provisions "inane," "absurd" and incomprehensible to "any rational human being."

He stopped just short of accusing Congress of being bought and paid for, dryly noting, "Apparently, it is not the individual consumers of this country that make the donations to the members of Congress that allow them to be elected and re-elected and re-elected and re-elected."

This law is so bad, so unjust, and so plain old stupid, that you have all sorts of practitioners and judges screaming about it. It is clear that it is simply a shafting of everyday Americans. In the end, in the case, the Judge said his hands were totally tied by the statute, and he had to rule against one of the consumers. And his final paragraph of the opinion should make Allyson Schwartz, Curt Weldon, Mike Fitzpatrick and the rest of the MBNA groupies take notice, because even Federal Judges have noted that they have been bought by the financial services industry:

The Court's hands are tied...

An order of even date will be entered herewith. Congress must surely be pleased.

Fitzpatrick and Weldon are soon going to be voted out, in favor of Democrats who I hope will not be so easily bought and sold. Allyson Schwartz, I hope, at least may not be able to get as many $2,000 checks from the Mt. Airy-type crowd who wants to believe that she is something she is not.

"Mt. Airy type crowd?"

Huh? Are you referring to the African Americans and working class folks who live in that area, or maybe you mean the white middle class and upper middle-class whites in Mt. Airy who have choosen to live in a uniquely racially and economically mixed neighborhood and have solidly supported progressive candidates since before you were in yellow pants? Are you a Mt. Airy hater?

Maybe you're referring to my mother, who worked with Schwartz at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center in the 70s, a resident of Mt. Airy for 40 odd years, and who has written numerous letters to Schwartz complaining about her recent voting record?

Your criticisms about Schwartz are completely justified, but you obviously know enough about the history of Schwartz to understand the basis of the long-standing loyalties that exist between her and many of her constituents.

Spreading the word about Schwartz's shameful support of the bankruptcy bill and questionable stances on other issues is great, but I'm not sure how you think comments like the one you made above serve any particular benefit. Please explain.

First, I am from NW Philly, w

First, I am from NW Philly, went to school in Mt Airy, was forced to work too many hours at the Coop as a kid, and love Mt Airy through and through.

What I mean with that comment is that I feel that a lot of Philadelphia's liberal/wealthy-ish politicial families (many in Mt Airy) write Allyson Schwartz big checks every year. And I get the feeling that, because of the connections you mention, they want to believe she is something (an actual progressive) she clearly is not, and has not been since day one in Congress, when she proudly joined the DLC.

Another reason I specifically mention Mt Airy is that if you go to to open secrets, and look at her donations in the 19119 area code, you see quite a few.

Don't hate the playa',

Hate the game. The more you get information out there, the more likely it is that liberal/wealthy-ish political families in Mt. Airy will stop writing those checks. Hell, put up a sign in the Coop (assuming you've gotten over your PTSD from being forced to slave there for so many hours as a child).

But keep it up and we'll start talking about those "law school types," and I'm sure you'd lose that battle.

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