The Problem with Operation Clean Sweep

Most have now heard about Operation Clean Sweep, a group started in the anger of the pay raise fiasco. Their goal was to encourage people of all parties to run against every incumbent, of every party, no matter how they voted on the pay raise, or anything else for that matter. This seems a little silly to me, and John Grogan, who wrote somewhere in the range of 300 columns on the pay raise, gives some pretty good reasons why this is so.

Excerpts in the extended entry...

Operation Clean Sweep and its followers want to throw out every last incumbent regardless of record. It makes no difference whether the lawmaker voted for the raise or voted against it, took the money as an "unvouchered expense" or refused it, acted sleazily or honorably. All must go.

And that's just plain dumb.

Well, yes, please continue.

The shared platform boils down to this: Replace them with us, and we promise to never stop being outsiders, to never become jaded, to never succumb to the hubris that led the current bunch to think they could simply give themselves a double-digit pay hike in the dark before dawn and no one would squeak.

That's not good enough.

Leadership needs to be about more than who you won't be.

Exactly. The pay raise vote was stupid. But, I am certainly not voting for someone on the basis that they pledge not to vote themselves a pay raise. It is almost too obvious to say that uh, there are probably a few (hundred) other issues that are pretty important besides this.

We need to vote for people who have an actual platform, not people who are so focused on Harrisburg policy, and so mature in their thinking, that they have registered email addresses of things like "poopy fun." Representing PA residents is a game for the politically mature, with real ideas for real problems, so, I think the "poopy fun" brigades better come up with a platform instead.


"pledge NOT to vote..."?


To John Grogan from Casey Roncaglione

To: Mr. John Grogan
Subject: Column -Newbies- Feb.6 2006

Dear Mr. Grogan,

I agree with your column," Newbies need to lay out a plan".
My name is Casey Roncaglione and I'm the Democratic candidate for PA House district 164 in Upper Darby Township. I was approached to be a candidate by Cleansweep but respectfully declined.
There are no absolutes.
I have two major problems with joining that group.
ONE, there are many good Representatives, some who voted against the pay raise, among them Rep. Greg Vital whom I respect very much.
TWO, to be endorsed by Cleansweep you were required to sign their pledge of loyalty. The only pledge I'll take is to the people of Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, East Landsdown, Milbourne and the Constitution.
My positions in this election are far reaching and include the issues that really matter to our neighbors.
Here follow just a few of them.
Better paying jobs and a living wage to go along with them, I support raising the minimum wage.
New approaches to breaking the property tax logjam.
Serious lobbyist reform.
Sunshine laws so the public knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the Legislature.
Local referendums to influence School Board spending.
Make the right to vote inclusive, allow 17 year olds to vote in Primaries.
There are many more but I'll leave it at that for now.
I want to make my neighborhood a better place to live and grow.
I hope to focus my campaign on the future not on the past, on what I can do differently than my opponent to make that happen. I certainly don't need to dwell or remind anyone about his dismal record, or what he has failed at, he has done that quite well without my help.

Thank you,

Casey Roncaglione
Drexel Hill, PA

thanks, fixed

thanks, fixed

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