Here is how to NEVER get blogger support

As Young Philly Politics goes through its first major election cycle, I suspect many people from various campaigns will be regular visitors to our site. Many of them may want to write appeals for why they think their candidacy appeals to young, progressive people in Philadelphia. We welcome them with open arms. I think YPP can serve as a place where, without the constraint of 30 second commercials or a few sentences of a newspaper column, a person can fully articulate their vision for the City, Region and State.

But, there are certain things, which if any politician, or political staffer does, will ensure that you never, ever get the support of progressive bloggers.

Case in point, which I detail in the extended entry, is Andy Warren, and his idiotic strategy.

Warren is running for the same 8th District Congresssional seat as rising star, Patrick Murphy. Warren is a former PennDOT official, who seemed to be a somewhat moderate Republican, until recently. He then switched parties, and joined the good guys. Why? Some huge ideological shift? The party becoming too right wing? As far as I can tell, it was actually the ever popular rationale: spite. Warren may be a good guy for all I know. (And Jane has some really excellent research on him that I recommend you read.) But, as with all people who switch to Democrat, there is going to be at least a little bit of question as to how loyal you are to our principles and our party.

So, how has Warren used the internet, and blogs, to try and counter this problem, and assuage progressives? By having either a staffer or a supporter stupidly bash his opponent, Pat Murphy. (For example, see this piece of crap post that I am leaving up only because it is a perfect illustration of what not to do. Or this one as well.)

Warren's supporters have decided that what their best course of action against Murphy (a dynamic, young, Iraq war vet who was apparently amazing at the DFA meeting a few months ago) is to stupidly slander him. That is dumb. Really, really dumb. And all it will do in the future is bring Warren future derision.

Democrats should articulate their differences with each other. But, every time I see a piece simply slandering someone else, I will either delete it, or, if I can tell who it was from, make sure every reader of this blog and others understand just what kind of campaign they are running. That includes local and state races.

Positive posts about your candidate are welcome. Dumping opposition research? No.

Warren Campaign= Idiots

Does the above post seem familiar? It might, because I wrote this three weeks ago, when I was stunned at the stupidity of the Andy Warren campaign. But, if you look to the left right, you see that the idiocy still reigns.

Andy Warren has never once said why he will make a good candidate. Instead, he is trashing a rising star of the Democratic party. (And one who was hearilty endorsed by Philly for Change- not exactly the establishment.)

What doesn't the Warren campaign get?

I recognize the post...

but what do you mean by "look to the left"? what are you pointing to?

mystified in Center City

Murphy and his bloggers can't handle the truth.

Voting records don't lie. And the fact is that Patrick Murphy has only voted in 6 out of the last 19 elections. And why was that? Because he doesn't understand (then and now) that our values are under attack from Mike Fitzpatrick and his right-wing supporters. Murphy's operatives can pump him full of talking points, but the end result is a sad, confusing message that lights no fire. And fire is what we need confronting Fitzpatrick and his right-wing allies.

I mean to the right. To the

I mean to the right. To the post titled "Murphy's 15 Minutes About To Expire."

I saw one hell of a fire at the endorsement meeting...

There is a reason why people are excited about is because Patrick brings a new, fresh perspective to things. That was evident at the endorsement meeting, where voters young and old stood up, cheered their asses off, and voted for Murphy 2-1 over Warren.

You can rationalize this to yourself and tell yourself that you actually know something about Patrick's motives. I am going to look at the fact that he busts his ass everyday for the folks of PA-08 to get to know them better, see how he can serve them, and tell them what he stands for.

He is a tireless campaigner who doesn't rely on baseless GOP-esque attacks and instead relies on a positive message brought straight to the people. That says more about what kind of Congressman he will be than any of your idotic diatribes.

So keep it up, you are doing a great job of endearing your candidate to the philly blog community.


What would a lifelong politician who was a Republican until about five minutes ago know about "our values"? He's had decades in public life to demonstrate any commitment to them; he has failed, utterly.

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