John Perzel: Worst. Person. Ever.

Who is this terrible person pictured? Why it is total idiot Pennsylvania State House Speaker John Perzel, one of the worst people ever. Ok, that is possibly a little bit of hyperbole. But, yeah, John Perzel, from Northeast Philadelphia, is really a pretty horrible public official. Perzel takes pride in destroying the ability of the City to self-govern. However, it appears that once again, this resident of Philadelphia has sold us down the river, a little bit out of spite, and a lot because of money. $56,000 to be exact. Perzel has, in his time as Speaker, helped institute the state takeover of PA schools. Ignoring those of us too far south on the Roosevelt Boulevard for his taste, Perzel is currently helping to block a bill to limit handgun purchases to one or two a month. And now, Perzel is trying to do everything in his power to insure that Philadelphia and its citizens have zero say in where Casinos will be located in our City, and what they will look like. Click read more for the rest... Recently, in a wonderful vote, fraught with bizarre levels of irony, the State House voted to removed Philly's ability to enforce local ordinances on Casinos.
But in a letter dated Friday, House Speaker John M. Perzel again stoked the flames between Harrisburg and Philadelphia: "I regret that you feel my actions are somehow disloyal to Philadelphians or usurp their rights," Perzel wrote to City Councilman Frank DiCicco. "To the contrary, Senate Bill 862 safeguards those right by removing from the siting process undue political pressure, as exemplified by the results of the ongoing City Hall corruption probe." Perzel did not return calls seeking comment yesterday. The state House voted, 180-20, on March 14 to prevent the city from enforcing local ordinances when it comes to casinos within its borders. That would include zoning rules that might prohibit building casinos in certain areas.
The irony? Well, I suppose I might be crazy, but I think there might be a little undue political pressure if gaming interests were able to give tens of thousands of dollars to State legislators? I mean, that cannot be a good thing, right? And, if John Perzel received over $50,000 dollars from these interests himself, it might seem a little bizarre for him to talk about undue political pressure? Wait, I got it! Maybe he is so fattened with lobbyist meals and so tired from one too many rounds of golf on a lobbyist's dime that he has hit a lobbying saturation point? He is removed from these undue political pressures because his coffers are so overcrowded with cash that he cannot remember who gave him what? Sarcasm aside, John Perzel is an enemy of Philadelphia. He is an enemy of the City Councilmen who are trying to organize their communities to soften the impact that the arrival of huge gambling operations will have on poor neighborhoods. He is an enemy of everyday Philadelphians. Philadelphia would be better off if John Perzel was booted out of the State House. Wishful thinking...

What could be on the other side

While the Democrats do not have control of the state house and more than likely will not for some time to come.

We need to realize that more than likely John Perzel is the best we have in the state house, we definitely do not need someone from another part of the state who definitely does not care about the city and will punish us as a city far worse that Perzel does.

Sometimes the devil that we know is better than the devil we don't know.

Not a good comparison

Pittsburgh does not compare to Philadelphia, the only comparison that can be made is it is a democratic base.

The population, popularity and business that comes to Philadelphia does not compare to Pittsburgh. When you look at state laws Philadelphia is the only city in the 1st class.

Harrisburg wants to punish Philadelphia because Philadelphia has a lot to take, I am sure if Pittsburgh had the same results as Philadelphia the same thing would happen.

Philadelphia has decided the past Presidential elections, Gov Rendell's primary election victory over Bob Casey, and the rest of the state victories in Nov of 04.

There is no other city or township to compare to Philadelphia in PA.

True, Philly isn't Pittsburgh

Philly isn't Pittsburgh. That's true. Pittsburgh hasn't needed to be bailed out by the state time and time again.

Why does John Perzel involve himself in Philadelphia's affairs? Because he has to. I think he's very innovative about figuring out how to help Philadelphia out of the problems that they create for themselves. When the School District ran out of money, after running in a deficit for years, the state had to bail the District out. How did they do it? They took control of the profitable Parking Authority and rediected its profits into the School District bailout. Why didn't Philadelphia do that? Because the Parking Authority was a great machine for Philly politicians to give perks to their friends. John Perzel did what needed to be done.

John is also working to make sure that any casino that goes into Philly isn't given away to John Street's pals. Oh, and by the way, that was Ed Rendell that kept Philadelphia from moving forward with any casino plans. I think Perzel and Rendell both realize that if the city politicians are left to their own devices, the corruption that exists in city politics now will just keep spreading.

And on the lobbyist issue, didn't Perzel just champion lobbyist reform? Granted, it's not the whole answer, but it's a start.

Just trying to balance out the argument a little.

I just want to point out, Pit

I just want to point out, Pittsburgh has been in financial ruin for the better part of a decade, teetering on bankruptcy since 1995. If you call that good, then you must be nuts. Here is an article related to the topic:

Some facts highlighted in the article:

Pittsburgh owes $1.68 billion in total debt

Pittsburgh pays $83 million toward its debt every year

Pittsburgh spent $58 million more on average than it took in

Pittsburgh cut 64% of its budget for parks and senior-citizen centers over the last decade

I have been to Pittsburgh numerous times and found it a great city. But, Philadelphia it is not. They are two different places with many similar problems.

For a while I believed that.

For a while I believed that. But, at this point, I disagree. Perzel may actually be worse because he knows the City. It gives him BS cover to do all of his crappy things.

huh, I dunno

Is Pittsburgh coming in for similar continual interventions? If not, then I'd have to say that Philadelphia is suffering from its over-familiar House Speaker, rather than being protected by him...


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead


I never called anything good. I know Pittsburgh has its financial troubles. At the same time, has the state ever had to come to the aid of Pittsburgh to pay its payroll?

When that happens, the PA Legislature will have it's say in the running of Pittsburgh affairs as well.

Philadelphia's population, 1.

Philadelphia's population, 1.5 Million. Over 10% of the entire state's population lives in Philly. Additionally, almost 50% of the states population (5,800,614) lives in the Philly metropolitan area. So, assuming you are correct in saying that the state comes to Philadelphia's aid so frequently (which I dispute), it is perhaps because in addition to 1/2 of the state's population being centered on Philly, so its the economy, tourist and otherwise.

Pittsburgh's population 334,569, maybe 2% of the Pa's population. Additionally, the metro area has 2,358,695.

It should also be pointed out that Philadelphians have 5 times the population of Pittsburgh on just twice as much land.

Philadelphia's school district educates over 180,000 students a year.

Pittsburgh's educates 31,148.

So, in reality, comparing Philly to Pittsburgh is like comparing apples to oranges.

Like I said, Pittsburgh is a great city. I enjoyed it very much. But, ASSUMING FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT YOU ARE CORRECT, perhaps the State realizes that a tanked Philly is a tanked state, economically and culturally.

I Made a mistake calculating

I Made a mistake calculating land mass. Please ignore that portion of my post.

Act 47

Pittsburgh has been under Act 47 since 2004. Act 47 is the Commonwealth's municipal bankruptcy statute. So while I don't think the State ever paid their payroll, they have essentially been under significant state control for a few years now. As to your reference to the State paying for a City's payroll, I don't know if you're alluding to Philly, but it is true that in the early 1990s the Aviation Fund (an enterprise fund) and not the City's General Fund supported payroll for a period of time. To my knowledge, the State has never directly paid Philadelphia's payroll.

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