ALERT: PA House Voting TUESDAY on 'Marriage Amendment'

The PA House of Representatives is expected to vote on the so-called "marriage amendment" to the state Constitution next week, probably on Tuesday, April 4. The amendment (H.B. 2381), which would go far beyond existing PA law in taking away legal protections (for unmarried straight couples too!), has had its first of three required readings in the full House, and we're getting strong indications that the vote will happen Tuesday.

Our allies in the legislature are working hard to slow down or stop the amendment, which didn't get even ONE hearing in committee before it was sent to the full House. But they need the help of every Pennsylvanian who believes in fairness for all -- please call your state representative today (but only your own rep). As one friendly legislator says, "A phone call or office visit is worth 100 e-mails."

For much more information on why this amendment is a disaster in the making, visit or

If you live in Philadelphia or one of the 4 suburban counties(Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery) or have family or friends there, that area is especially critical. But wherever you live in PA, please call only your own state rep, and be polite when you do -- it's more effective. Or stop by your rep's office on your lunch break today or Friday.

You can find out who your state representative is by visiting (top right of the website). If you're having problems, e-mail us at crstonewalldems -at-gmail -dot- com and include your street address -- we'll try to help.

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