BREAKING: Santorum Flip-Flop on Banning Birth Control (Not Just Abortion -- Birth Control Too)

From today's New York Times: A spokeswoman for Mr. Santorum said ... that "as a matter of public policy, Senator Santorum does not oppose birth control."

BUT in the infamous 2003 "man on dog" interview, Santorum said "It all comes from, I would argue, this right to privacy that doesn't exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution, this right that was created, it was created in Griswold -- Griswold was the contraceptive case -- and abortion. And now we're just extending it out."

Well, he's already contradicted himself on whether PA members of Congress should have their primary residence in PA, tort reform, intelligent design in the classroom, and Lord knows what else.. why not this, too?

Griswold was the 1965 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down state bans on birth control for married couples. I wouldn't be surprised if he also opposes the court's Eisenstadt decision of 1972 that extended this basic right of privacy to unmarried people.

Does the senator still think the Griswold decision was wrongly decided and that states should have the right to ban birth control? Or is he contradicting himself on yet another issue?

By the way, speaking as a pro-choice, pro-privacy Democrat, I am proud to support Bob Casey for U.S. Senate. There are real differences between him and Santorum -- Casey supports family planning and emergency contraception, for example. And on an issue I care about deeply, he also publicly supports civil unions and opposes the federal and state "marriage amendments." Those are major reasons why the Harrisburg-area chapter of the Stonewall Democrats, which I co-chair (Stonewall = gay and allied Dems) has endorsed Casey in the primary.

I applaud the efforts of Philadelphians Against Santorum. Whatever you think about the Senate primary, PAS is doing good work.


We are the Santorum blog today, eh?

Civil Unions

If you are concerned with a person's right to a civil union (as am I), you should really question why Bob Casey Jr told church groups that he is opposed not only to civil unions but the government being allowed to garuntee equal benefits for civil unions. Also he responed he is opposed to a homosexual couple's right to adopt a child. This was only months before he seemingly completely did a 180 on the position. It seems to me that on this issue like the war in Iraq it depends on who he is talking to. You can find his positions in his own words at by clicking on the Casey fact file picture at the top of the page (yes they include links and refrences to when and where he said it).

By the way, I'm not sure if your aware of it but here are there issues where he is the same as Santorum. They both support confirmation of Alito and Roberts, they both claim we were not intentionally misled in Iraq and we do not need an exit strategy and we need to stay for at least 2 more years, they both oppose Universal Heatlh Care, they both oppose a living wage, they both oppose stem cell research, they both would vote to over-turn Roe v Wade and/or vote to ban abortion rights as we know them, they both oppose gay rights (usually), they both oppose the seperation of church and state, they oppose ALL gun legislation, but most tellingly they take money from 239 of the same PACs.

For these and his other conservative views (yes there are still more) and his poor history of campaigning, Casey is a terrible candidate to nominate in such an important election. But you do not need to take my word for it: An April 5th Rasmussen poll shows Casey losing by 5 points if people realize he is against abortion rights. A Febuary Quinnipiac poll shows him between a 2 point lead to a 7 point loss in the same situation. Zogby finds him a 1.7 point lead once voters know everyone's views (he is actually our worst choice according to that poll).

Also history is repeating itself here already. Everyone knows he let his 17 point lead turn into a 12 point loss against Rendell. Well he is at it again the following polls show a significant and steady decline in his lead: Zogby, Keystone, Quinnipiac, Strategic Visions, Rasmussen. His lead has dropped from 18-20 points to 8-12 points without any major change in Santorum's approval/disapproval ratings.

Chuck Pennacchio has a history of winning tough races against right wing US Senate and Senate hopefuls who actually had good approval ratings. He has been in public service for 33 years and now has well over 6,000 volunteers and county level organizations throughout the state. It is time to learn the lessons of the past and support our best chance to defeat Sen Santorum

Reaching too far

Like it or not, you are reaching into statements, attempting to get more out of what is there.

As a matter of public policy, Santorum is not opposed birth control, and, at times, has voted in favor of it. What he has done, however, is express concerns over potential harmful effects on women and society, and its reliability.


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How Can a Pro-Choice Dem Support Bob Casey, Jr?

The fact is, Bob Casey hasn't earned the Democratic nomination, and his receiving the nomination is NOT a forgone conclusion. Alan Sandals is the only candidate in the U.S. Senate race that has received an endorsement from NOW and the Feminist Majority Foundation. Not only is he the strongest Pro-Choice candidate, but he also is the only candidate with the strenght, courage and sensible ideas to adequately deal with Santorum in the run up to the November election. Alan Sandals is the best person to represent PA in the Senate, and his fresh ideas and pro-active environmental agenda are what this country needs in the aftermath of the Republican fall-out from Congress.

Casey SUPPORTS Civil Unions

I see some folks are still circulating that outdated document. Casey has stated publicly this year that he supports civil unions. He said it at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Philadelphia in February, and his remarks were covered by the Associated Press and other media. And he said it in an interview with the conservative National Catholic Register.

Casey has changed for the better -- and I am glad to see it.

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