The YPP Happy Hour: Meet our First Endorsed Candidates!

Each day over the course of the next week, Young Philly Politics will be discussing our endorsements for the primary next Tuesday. And, on Friday, the week will culumulate in YPP Happy Hour/Party/Candidate Meet and Greet at the Khyber, on 2nd Street in Old City from 5:30-8:30.

Click "read more" for the details and to see who we endorsed.

The three candidates that we have chosen to strongly support, for a number of reasons that we will get into over the next week are: Valerie McDonald-Roberts for Lt. Governor, Anne Dicker for State Rep., and Tony Payton for State Rep.

The night will be a chance to have fun, see each other face to face, meet other progressives, and hear from three candidates that need and deserve the support of the progressive community. We had somewhere in the range of 75 people at the last Happy Hour, and with our co-sponsor, Philly for Change, I expect we will have even more.

The Details: This Friday, May 12th, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at the Khyber (upstairs), 56 S. 2nd St, in Old City.

The last party was a lot of fun. This one will be as well, as we hear from the rising stars of the progressive PA community.

A pdf of our flyer is here.

Why not Patrick Murphy as well?

Of course your are free to endorse anyone you want, but he also has an important primary next week and was officially endorsed by the co-sponsor of this event, Philly for Change.

Are you limiting the endorsements and the meet and greet to candidates for state office only?

Valerie McDonald -Roberts

Great choice here. I campaigned with Ms. Roberts in Upper Darby, had the honor of listenting to her advice and watching her work. She is what this Commonwealth needs and I concur and congratulate your endorsement.
Casey Roncaglione
House Seat 164th

Do you need the evite

If you are out there, and you want to get the evite, send us an email at info (at) youngphillypolitics dot com. All are welcome!

Great to See Refreshingly New Faces

Looks like some good candidates were endorsed. I look forward to meeting them Friday evening and learning more about their platforms over time.

Pat's time will come

Basically, we decided to keep it small, to hope to have a larger effect. For those who are in the general election, which Pat will be in, we will have much more to say post May.

But, as I have stated many times on here- Pat Murphy will be a wonderful Congressman, while his opponent, Andy Warren, will probably just turn back to the GOP.

And, of course, he is welcome to come. It is just that our personal focus will be on these three candidates.

Check out the hip couple

The evite is really funny- despite appearances over the past month or so, YPP is not a gay-only blog. I tried my best to take over, but Dan bested me, and as such there is a hip, young, het couple on the evite. Grr.

But seriously, Friday is going to be fun and I hope to see all you regulars there.

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