Occupy Philadelphia: Wall Street Protest Coming Here

A group of 200+ energetic, enthusiastic mostly (but not exclusively) college age citizens met Thursday night at Arch Street United Methodist Church to plan bringing the Occupy Wall Street protest south to Philadelphia.

Many of the organizers and participants had participated in the protests in New York City and were eager to see rallies "for the 99%," as they call it, here in the cradle of liberty. The event was organized largely through social media.

As Susie Madrak reports on Crooks and Liars, related protests already have occurred in Boston and San Francisco, with broad, clear economic messages aimed at political leaders: tax the rich, stop corporate greed, and create good jobs.

The next planning meeting is scheduled for 6:30 Tuesday October 4 back at Arch Street Methodist, Broad and Arch Streets. The date and place of the actual Philly protest will be decided then.

I heard about the meeting through my friends in Philadelphia's wonderful, nationally-recognized poetry community. I had the good luck and honor of attending with poets Frank Sherlock, Jacob Russell, and Ryan Eckes.

Right now, in the aftermath of the August Tea Party power grab and with next year's elections looming, and some Democrats finally beginning to stand up, it is certainly a critical moment to let people in government and everyone else know that, at a very basic level, we do not accept an economic system and government that is still functioning first of all for the benefit of the rich, or top 1% of wage earners, and to the detriment of everyone else.

That's oligarchy, and that's not what the U.S. or Philadelphia should stand for.

With this and the Phillies, it should be an interesting October.

See you there tonight, Sam

I mean the thing is they're stealing democracy right out from under us, and in broad daylight. Photo ID? Gaming the awarding of electoral votes so that in blue states they have to be shared between winner and loser, but in red states the R's get them all? That's just a declaration that fascism is OK and you'd better like it. Occupy Philadelphia may be the only way to answer.

Thanks for this update, Sam.

Thanks for this update, Sam. I was at work but am eager to be involved. Can you post details of when the protest will be?

Occupy Philadelphia convenes Thursday 9am @ City Hall

More details later! Thanks, Stan, Matt and the 1000+ by my count at Arch St. Methodist!


Ya never know

It was just one woman who refused to move to the back of the bus. It was just four students who would not get up at a lunch counter. It was a small group of autoworkers that first sat down at Flint. It was one vendor in Tunisia who refused a shakedown. It was one electrician in Gdansk who led a strike that brought down an empire. It was a guy in a sheet who told people to weave their own cloth that led to the end the greatest empire the world had known. Ya never know

This is excellent

I've been to the NYC occupation twice now. It's exciting and energizing and I'm SO HAPPY that it's happening in Philadelphia now. And I'm happy there was a strong Green Party presence there (including Hugh Giordano, who's working on labor issues in the group), and I'm glad that there are some strong alliances being built.

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