An open letter to State Sen. Dominic Pileggi

I'm writing to tell you that you are being childish and irresponsible holding the city of Philadelphia's budget hostage to the state budget negotiations. By law both the state of Pennsylvania and city of Philadelphia were supposed to work a complete budget deal by July 1.

The city of Philadelphia kept up its end of the deal and met that July 1 deadline and state government dropped the ball. Now you, as part of political gamesmanship, are punishing the people of Philadelphia to try to gain leverage in those still ongoing state budget negotiations.

Thats an awful, awful, downright immoral thing to do. It makes you seem like a petty, vindictive person in my book.

I read that you are a former mayor of the city of Chester. As such I would think you would understand how devastating the types of layoffs of 3,000 city workers, especially more than 600 police, will have on the safety of many Philadelphia neighborhoods. So you know full well and understand the fire you are playing with.

And since you understand the consequences of your actions, you seem to be deliberately committed to a politics of petty threats with your actions. It becomes apparent that threats are all you understand.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy about the large amount of state support going to a stadium for a new professional soccer team called interestingly the "Philadelphia Union". I understand as Chester's former Mayor that there is a certain amount of excitement about the new stadium in your home town.

I also understand that there has been about $47 million in direct state aid to the stadium complex, that the site will be free of property taxes for 12 years and that the Delaware River Port Authority (whose mission is to fund and manage port and transit facilities not sports stadiums) pumped another roughly $10 million in infrastructure (roads, sewers) towards making the site buildable. And that DRPA money comes largely from bridge tolls across the Delaware, not just in Chester, but from all the bridges here in Philly crossing over to New Jersey. And tolls were recently raised by a third up too $4. So in essence Philly residents, including 3,000 city workers potentially facing layoffs, are helping to support your town's new stadium every time they drive across the Walt Whitman bridge to go to the Jersey Shore. For an interesting story on the perhaps ironically named "Philadelphia Union" stadium, I suggest this Isiah Thompson article.

I think that if you are going to hold Philadelphia's ability to tax itself hostage because you think it gives you a leg up in your budget negotiations with the Governor, our former mayor, that turn-about is fair play. I think the DRPA and the Governor should immediately stop all funding to your towns new stadium and put it on hold till you disconnect the city's budget from the ongoing state budget process.

If that seems petty and unfair, it is. Exactly as petty and unfair as holding the city's budget hostage to get leverage against the Governor on state budget negotiations.

deliver by hand

this letter needs to be delivered, in person and by hand, to mr. pileggi at all of his offices, as well as at his personal residence.

I say visit him at home, because his actions are affecting all of US at home.

Visit him at home with a large number of Philadelphia residents. I don't mean bring out the goon squad: rather bring moms, teachers, kids, crime victims, people who depend on non-profits. people with signs and bullhorns. Shame the motherf-r, just like Jeff "the Billionaire Cheap-skate" Lurie.

What Pileggi is doing is unconscionable.
i am going to take you advice on the DRPA and call the governor's office myself to make the suggestion. And I will blog about this as well.

Show up at his house every day, morning and night shifts.

Rally with us next Tuesday!

PCCY is organizing a rally at the Media Courthouse next Tuesday at 12 noon. Media is conveniently located within our favorite Senator's district - so spread the word. Let's make this a rally that's impossible to ignore.

Check the post here for more information:

I got into it and I realized it was really complicated

Its a hard story to tell in a few words.

I'm open to suggestions for improvements but time is really short - so please, pleas sign and forward to your friends. I feel like just getting a lot of people to read the story and take in the big picture is a small victory. Maybe even a few key politicians to digest the strategy.

Sign it and forward it widely, please.

MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.

Currently on the front page on

Hope some of those eyeballs translate to signatures and people making the trip to Media, which then translates to action.

And cycled out again. Fun while it lasted.
MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.

Comment from the 125th online signature

As a Chester resident, I am frustrated by the unwillingness of State Senators to invest in commonwealth, and hold Chester needs and Phila. hostage to politics.

That I think speaks volumes about the brand of politics Pileggi practices.

Still collecting signatures, still a rally in Media today. Pileggi still delays, though he now says he will allow public hearings, hearings which will last 2 or 3 weeks and oh-so-coincidentally past when PICA says layoff notices will have to go out.

Pileggi also says PICA's deadlines are "arbitrary" (Oh yeah and since you are a state legislator and PICA is state law who is it I wonder that is responsible for fixing that) and that everyone else should have gotten the legislation to him sooner. Dominic, buddy, the city past its budget back in the beginning of May and at the time you already making public pronunciations that your party's leadership in the Senate (basically you) were going to hold it up. It's currently the middle of August. If you are gong to try pass the blame, Mr. Pileggi, it helps when you aren't quoted repeatedly 2 1/2 months ago saying you planned to hold up the show.
MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.

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