PA needs a statewide blog like YPP, or Dailykos, or

As a past College Democrats officer at the University of Pittsburgh, where I helped create the field plan to get out youth voting across the state during the 2004 election, I am accutely aware of the need for a youth voice in politics in this state. In many counties youth are not even brought into the discussion - and it is only through sites like this that a progressive, young voice may be heard. YPP does a great job of showcasing the issues and races that matter in the Philadelphia region to young people.

The net has other resources as well that can help connect the state - and do some of that. Other blogs attempt to do basic coverage around all of PA. Even so, there is not really any one site that effectivly presents a young, progressive, or even democratic view on politics throughout the entire state. I attempted to do something like that with my blog - but well, you need the energy, time, and know-how of many different posters to get something like that going.

One example of what I'm thinking of can be found at Part of the Soapblox network of blogs, bluejersey is workig to bring a democratic view on politics across the state. Set up like DailyKos, there are front page bloggers on specific issues, and then also the ability to create diaries, comments, and many other features. In my mind, this would radically help the democratic PA blogosphere get active and moving in a more coordinated fashion.

What do people think about this? Is it needed? Are there bloggers out there willing to help?

I agree with this idea. Young

I agree with this idea. Young conservatives in Pennsylvania are extremely well organized. I believe that the Toomey campaign was an important catalyst for the conservative netroots to get organized. I am wondering if we need a similar event to rally the troops.


I completely agree on the level of young conservatives in PA. My hope/thought was that we don't NEED a watershed event. Instead, if a few bloggers can get together (and yes, I'm putting myself forward to help), we could create a site like Kos or BlueJersey, and through the founding insure that youth issues, along with many other issues, were covered.

It is an interesting idea, an

It is an interesting idea, and one that I have thought about. I will post more on it tomorrow, when I don't have a paper on the Clean Water Act looming over my head.

I wonder if the upcoming meet

I wonder if the upcoming meeting of young progressives could be a place to disucss this idea. Seems like a lot of potential contributors and readers could be in that crowd.

I think so

I think that's a damn good place to bring it up. I'm trying to think of other blogs that might be useful to talk to - but something like that is a good goal. Unfortunetly, I'll still be finishing up my degree at that point, and won't be back in Bucks County till the beginning of May.

I think I'm picturing a combination of YPP type focuses with Bluejersey (or Soapblox software) abilities and focuses.

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