Poll: Seth Williams Up 22 Points

I was sent this today.

Research 2000 Poll for the Seth Williams Campaign
400 voters, 5% MOE

Seth Williams: 37%
Dan McElhatton: 15%
Dan McCaffery: 13%
Michael Turner: 2%
Brian Grady: 2%

Well, that is pretty good news. It doesn't mean Seth is going to win, but, it is a nice place to be.

Obviously, there are a still a lot of undecideds. In all likelihood, many of those undecideds just will not vote at all in an election like this. When the undecided were then asked who they were leaning to, most still said no one (92%), followed by 6% for Seth, and 1 percent each for the Dan's.

What I take away from the poll is this: We are in a real position in the City for transformative change, very, very soon. But it cannot be done without all of us helping.

Later today, we will have info up about the fundraiser. If you want to help, send me an email: danielua@gmail.com.


400 voters and those results are almost identical to the initial YPP Poll.

Hmmm, something smells Sethy here.

::chuckles at McElhatton at 15%::

You are right. It is all a

You are right. It is all a conspiracy.

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