Tax cuts and open government, part two: I get out my stationary and stamps

Yesterday, Dan wrote:

So, before we decide to cut business taxes or not, we should know how much every business- from big old Comcast to the smallest person just opening up shop, pays in taxes to the City each year. This may shock you, but under the previous Mayor, the Commerce Department generally refused to provide these numbers. I guess they thought it was their business only. But, with a new Mayor focused on transparency and the like, I am hoping things change.

and I got out my laptop. (And stationary, and envelopes and stamps.)

The letter was sent to the Department of Revenue, and copy given to Finance Director Rob Dubow. Notice of the request was also sent to the mayor, and Council members Frank DiCicco, Jim Kenney, Wilson Goode, and Maria Quinones Sanchez. So we'll see.

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