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Brian Tierney and the Right-Wing Hackifying of the Inquirer Op-Ed Pages

Yes, I want someone to save the Daily News and the Inquirer, and I think our city would be much worse off if they were gone. But, for the love of God, Brian Tierney's far-far-far-right wing, political hack sensibilities, and what they are doing to the Inquirer Op-Ed pages, make the paper bizarrely out of touch with the city and region.

We get treated to Rick Santorum twice a month. And then we get Kevin Ferris, who today published an embarrassing regurgitation of a talk by John Bolton, who was too far right even for George Bush. "Kevin Ferris," by which I mean John Bolton, tells us just how dangerous Obama's foreign policy is. It is bereft of even a hint of critical thought or analysis. Good work, Kev-o! The stenography was splendid!

Only in this grouping can Michael Smerconish, a Ronald Reagan political appointee to HUD, be considered some sort of sane voice.

And today, Tierney and Co. only made clearer how far they are willing to pander for the far, far, far, right-wing, when they ran a piece of stupidity and racial-clucking by soon to be ex-lawyer John Yoo.

I don't normally like to curse on the front page of the blog. The kids and all that. But... John Fucking Yoo? Seriously? John Fucking Yoo?

John Yoo is not just a right-wing shill. He is the right-wing shill who authored bizarrely disingenuous memos authorizing Bush and Co to start torturing people. He did so by simply ignoring the most important case on point, something you learn not to do within the first month of law school, and he will, with a little luck, be disbarred. Why in the world would John Yoo be given a space in the damn paper? I only hope that when Yoo is disbarred, which hopefully will happen some time after the DOJ internal investigation is released, the Inquirer editors will provide us with an explanation as to why this supreme jackass, and godfather of torture, is given so prominent a place in our newspaper of record.

Luckily, Yoo is apparently only a member of the Pennsylvania Bar. So it is possible that a small piece of justice for all those who were tortured thanks in part to John Yoo will actually occur in Harrisburg, of all places. I guess on the bright side of things, if the Harrisburg Bureau of the paper is not totally killed, the Inquirer can get a great and convenient story, only made bigger by the fact that they promote Mr. Torture's work.

So, Brian Tierney, a big shout out to you, my friend. It is amazing how hard you make it to support your papers, and the work of the actual newsroom. Kudos.

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