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D.C. vs. Heller – A Look at Local Gun Control From All Angles

This year in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Supreme Court took a hard look at the legality of local gun-control laws, as a Washington, D.C. special police officer (armed, private security officer) took the District of Columbia to court after being denied his right to keep and bear arms for personal protection by the very same jurisdiction that licensed him to carry a weapon to protect other people’s property.

CLEAR-ly wrong: Why I can't hold my nose and vote for Morganelli

As a progressive and a fan of smart community-friendly policing I can not in good faith vote for Democrat John Morganelli for Pennsylvania Attorney General because Morganelli's rabidly anti-illegal immigration stances are both unconstitutional and bad law enforcement policy. If there is two things the Attorney General needs to have a firm grasp on its the Constitution and sound law enforcement policy.

First off, its the specific job of the Federal government as laid out in the US Constitution to set the rules and enforce citizenship, immigration and naturalization law. It falls under the clause giving the US Federal government exclusive and sole agency to make treaties with foreign nations. The Constitution is rather unambiguous on this point. Simply put, immigration law is not criminal law.

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