Occupy wall street nonviolent actions

We are the 99%! Join the Solidarity March Thursday 11/17 at 3:45!

We are the 99%, and no middle-of-the-night/media blackout raids can stop us from fighting intolerable economic inequality and the government collusion that consents to it. You cannot evict a movement. You cannot evict the truth.

Stand in solidarity with the movement that changed the narrative and forced politicians and the media to confront, for the first time in decades, America's greatest threat: oligarchy. Join the We Are the 99% March:

WHEN: Thursday November 17 at 3:45

WHERE: Meet at Municipal Services Building, 1417 JFK Blvd, across from City Hall. March to Market Street bridge

Leave work early. Better yet, take your co-workers! Take your boss! She's probably part of the 99% too.

It's critical that we show Philadelphia and the world that once the truth is out, it isn't going to go away. Democratic elected officials are especially welcome, by the way.

Incomplete Occupy Philly protest schedule

I still have a touch of computer illiteracy, could someone put this information together better. Sincerely, Richard Kane





JFK Boulevard and Market Stree now have one lane of traffic closed, for pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians must means protesters since the sidewalks on JFK Blvd and Market are among the widest in the city,


In what other places besides Philadelphia is the city or town accommodating occupying protesters?


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