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Next Step Toward the Next Governor

Harrisburg should figure a lot in progressive politics in 2010... since we need to win there in order for things to get better in Philly.

That makes the governor's race priority #1.

Philly For Change is voting to endorse a gubernatorial candidate tonight at 7 at Meetup.

You know the players: local former Congressman Joe Hoeffel, former Philly mayoral hopeful Tom Knox, Pittsburgh's presumed frontrunner Dan Onorato, big vote-getter Auditor General Jack Wagner, and Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty.

Come out tonight and help set a progressive agenda for the next governor. For the price of admission (free), you also get Brady talking about Marcellus Shale, Friends of the Free Library's Amy Dougherty with a Libraries Update, and a big talk about that other big 2010 race, the one for U.S. Senate.

SENATE PASSES HB 834--Mandatory Overtime on the Way out in PA

I'm pasting in our press release, below, but also wanted to just say thanks to all those of you who have joined us in the fight to end mandatory overtime for health care workers in PA--the grassroots pressure that was provided by our progressive allies, along with the voices of thousands of health care workers--finally lifted our bill over the time, in the final days of this legislative session.

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Seven years after launching their campaign to end mandatory overtime for nurses and other direct patient caregivers, members of SEIU Healthcare are anxious to celebrate their victory.

The Pennsylvania Senate voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass a House Bill 834, a bill restricting mandatory overtime for nurses and other caregivers. Forced overtime has been shown to increase medical errors and put patients at risk. It’s also a leading factor in many nurses’ decision to leave the bedside.

So long, Vince Fumo

OK, YPP soon won't have Vince Fumo to kick around any more. I can see why he dropped out of the race: combine his heart issues with the massive indictments against him, and he probably figured it wasn't worth the trouble to keep fighting.

The big question is: who does this help? You've gotta think that the favorite now is John Dougherty, given his already high profile. Then again, either Anne Dicker or Larry Farnese could easily focus on Dougherty's faults as a candidate, and take him down a few notches. But could Dicker + Farnese, in effect, split the 'reform' vote, giving Johnny Doc an easy win?

Looks like lots of fun + games in the 1st PA Senate district,

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