Volunteer with City Year, support the Men of Tustin

In March, there was a great article about the Men of Tustin, a group of men from Overbrook that meet every Monday to discuss issues affecting their community. After the article, an Inquirer editorial said this:

Listen in on a weekly meeting in Philadelphia's Overbrook neighborhood, and learn what a few committed and good men can do.
They are collecting $28 so a second grader won't miss any more school because she lacks snow boots.
They are giving out 600 winter coats.
They are teaching boxing in the after-school program.
They are funding and coaching a summer basketball league for 70 youths.
They are converting a local eyesore into a catering hall, hoping to create jobs for neighborhood kids.
They are planning a fund-raiser to help put computers in children's homes.
They are doing all this against some very tough odds, in a very rough part of town, based in the Tustin Playground rec center. And they do it on a shoestring budget, with each man kicking in $10 monthly dues.
The Inquirer's Kia Gregory reported their story last Sunday.
They are business owners, retirees, ex-cons.
They are a teacher, a firefighter, a construction worker.
They are mentors, role models, examples - sometimes of what not to do - and meeting every week because, as one man says, "we see a need."
They are the Men of Tustin, and they are due the city's thanks and praise for their efforts.

I was extremely pleased to see the group recognized for the work they are doing in the Overbrook community. Last year, I wrote about City Year's Serve-A-Thon at Tustin Recreation center which was postponed due to rain, and is now scheduled for May 15th. Working with the Men of Tustin and the Advisory Board at the Rec center, we have been planning a variety of projects to rejuvenate the center from painting a new mural surrounding the basketball court to landscaping and small construction projects.

The event runs from 8:15 AM to 2:00 PM. There will be a carnival for kids and lunch provided for all volunteers. All are welcomed.

Sign up individually or in groups at WhyIServe.com

For more information contact me at LAckelsberg@cityyear.org or call (267) 386-7014.

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