We are the 99%! Join the Solidarity March Thursday 11/17 at 3:45!

We are the 99%, and no middle-of-the-night/media blackout raids can stop us from fighting intolerable economic inequality and the government collusion that consents to it. You cannot evict a movement. You cannot evict the truth.

Stand in solidarity with the movement that changed the narrative and forced politicians and the media to confront, for the first time in decades, America's greatest threat: oligarchy. Join the We Are the 99% March:

WHEN: Thursday November 17 at 3:45

WHERE: Meet at Municipal Services Building, 1417 JFK Blvd, across from City Hall. March to Market Street bridge

Leave work early. Better yet, take your co-workers! Take your boss! She's probably part of the 99% too.

It's critical that we show Philadelphia and the world that once the truth is out, it isn't going to go away. Democratic elected officials are especially welcome, by the way.

Occupy has benefitted everyone thus far, and it's critical that progressives everywhere help usher this historically important movement into its next phase, post-Zucotti Park. What we do now matters. If you're a progressive...hell, if you're just a Democrat or independent who wants to prevent the reactionary right from taking over government again, you'll want to stand up now for the Occupy movement.

Whether they figure it out or not, I'd argue Democrats in general benefit immeasurably when the national media focuses on the Occupy movement's central, critical -- but historically ignored -- issue, the immiseration of 99% by the 1%, an issue exacerbated obviously by the current economy.

When media narrative focuses on the core message "We are the 99%," and especially if we can show the Occupy movement's resilience, suburban moms and dads -- the folks who usually decide national elections -- are far more likely to continue taking Occupy's critical message seriously, which can help enterprising Democrats, hopefully including Obama, in 2012. We still are a winners' society, and if we show dramatically that Occupy will not surrender, we can continue to grow the movement.

If we continue to grow, reluctant Democrats will have no choice but to get onboard -- and be Democrats again.

Put aside arguments about tactics for a day -- arguments about tactics are what the movement's enemies are counting on bogging us down -- and focus on the message that really matters. Let's be as big as our challenges require us to be.

The Message Must Be Wall Street Abuses

To reverse the already eroding public support documented in a poll reported in today's Talking Points Memo reported at http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/11/poll-public-opinion-turning-a... ,the message must be the abuses of Wall Street and not confrontations with police and other authorities. Fighting Wall Street is good; fighting the police is not good; stopping unemployed construction workers from getting jobs is not good.

What we need as an outcome is the no nonsense regulatory zeal of the New Deal against Wall Street abuses and the strong efforts for a more equitable society of Democratic Congresses and Democratic Presidents largely halted by the elections of Ronald Reagan as President in 1980 and Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House in 1994.

What we do not need is a widespread public perception of lawlessness leading to a hysterical desire to elect Republicans at any cost in order to stop the lawlessness. There is a window for constructive change in public policies in America, but that window is unfortunately smaller than a lot of people believe it to be.


The message is We Are the 99%, and we protest government's failure to act in an economic emergency. To summarize the goals of the march:

25 million Americans are looking for work—but Congress can’t pass a jobs bill - we protest the failure.

Super-Committee budget cuts could kill millions of jobs. - we protest the plan.

The economy works for the richest 1%—not the 99% - we protest government's collusion with Wall Street and the 1%.

We march west to the Market Street Bridge, a symbol of government's senseless failure to act in this economic emergency.

The bridge is structurally deficient and in need of repair. It symbolizes of our leaders’ failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer. We march there to let our leaders know: we demand they put people to work repairing the bridge and doing the work vital to the health of America.


You Have a Well Thought-Out Message, Sam

You certainly have a well thought-out message, Sam. Hopefully that message will dominate the coverage given to today's event.

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