What You Can Do About the Budget Problem (one or both of them)

You can go to this rally below.

You can also call or email Jennine Miller at Project Home to help her organize and drive turnout and phone calls and all that good stuff. Jennine Miller jmiller@projecthome.org or 215.232.7272. Project HOME don't stop!

Please post other activities....


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Essential Services
Action AIDS PA, Calcutta House, Chester Education Foundation, Children and Youth Services of Delaware County, Coalition for Essential Services, Community Interactions Inc., Crime Victims Center of Chester County, Delaware County Communities That Care Network, Dignity Housing, Episcopal Community Services, Freedom Valley Disability Center, Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, Horizon House of Philadelphia, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Joshua Achievement Center, Maternity Care Coalition, Mental Health Association of SEPA, Mid-County Senior Services, New Choices/New Options, PA ACORN, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Philadelphia Alliance, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, Philadelphia Coalition fo Essential Services, Project H.O.M.E., Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Resources for Human Development, The Arc of Delaware County, United Way of Chester County, United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Vote for Homes Coalition, Zhang Sah (as of 8/20/09)

Join Pennsylvanians From

Around the Region

In the Fight for Essential Services



Wednesday August 26th @ Noon

Media Courthouse
201 West Front Street, Media PA


Because everyone around the state
is Impacted by Inaction on the State Budget


Police, teachers, case mangers, caretakers, firefighters, pre-k teachers, artist, park employees, library employees, caretakers, peer support, chief executive officers, janitors, accountants, receptionist, trash collectors, operators, nurses, doctors, day care centers, single parents, human resources, recreation centers, senior centers, support staff of all kind, outreach workers, social workers, ambulance drivers, sectaries, IT staff, facilities, residential advisors, grocers, emergency room workers, hospital workers, AIDS Services, Mental health, Homelessness and Housing, Developmental Disabilities, Cultural Program, Food Programs, Centers for Independent Living, United Way of Chester County, Foster Care, Youth Services, After school Programs, Libraries, Senior Services, Immigrant Services, Home Health Care and Waiver Services, Hospice, Legal Services, Child Care, Domestic Violence, Victim Services, Education, Disabilities, Workforce Program, Adult Literacy, Out of School Programs, and Violence Prevention …….

Sponsored by the

Southeastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Essential Services

For more information or to add your name as a rally sponsor, contact Jennine Miller jmiller@projecthome.org or 215.232.7272


Everyone who can should try to go

I'd personally vote for almost any other day/time then Wednesdays at noon. An early evening in Media might be nice for a switch up.
MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.

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