Words from Judge Idee Fox's ruling

This is from Judge Fox's decision.

"The decision to close these eleven branch libraries is more than a response
to a financial crisis; it changes the very foundation of our City. Two of
the libraries scheduled to close, Haddinton and Holmesburg, will result in a
reversion of the property back to the original grantor because of deed
restrictions. No one questions the economic crisis which has rocked both the
City and the Nation. However, we are a Nation of hope. A "crisis" evokes
something temporary. Defendants argued there were more than enough libraries
in Philadelphia. "Philadelphia has more libraries than any other city in the
country." Our library system is more than a century old yet in three short
months an economic crisis results in permanently closing eleven branches.
This court does not envy the Mayor and the tough decisions he has had to
make in this financial crisis. Yet, as this court is bound to follow the
law, so is the Mayor. The permanent closing of neighborhood branch libraries
is changing the very structure of the Free Library of Philadelphia and not
just responding to a "financial crisis.""

Here's the link to the full decision

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